Musculoskeletal pain? Chronic back pain? Aches? Insomnia? Stress? Anxiety? Blahs? Not feeling as healthy as you would like to feel? You have come to the right place. Souldance Wellness is all about helping you thrive like you know you can but haven’t had the energy for. Dr. Lisa is an MD so she knows what major medical issues to look for while knowing that most chronic disease is related to energy blockage. She has multiple tools at her disposal as well as a compassionate, thorough approach to your health so she can identify and help you eliminate
whatever stands between you and your optimal health and life. She knows that you are the true expert on your body, and is able to really listen to what is going on with your health and life. She understands that the physician-patient relationship is a partnership, and that ultimately you are in control of your body and life. She will work as a partner with you in achieving your goals.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation