Coronavirus Self Swab Clinic

Each individual must grab their own Clear Plastic Storage Clipboard from the Gray Drop Box. The clipboard contains individual intake forms and specimen supplies. After the intake forms are completed - All the forms are placed back into the Clear Plastic Storage Clipboard and inserted into the "Drop Box". DO NOT insert the specimen into the "Drop Box".

Upon arrival Text with your Full Name and Date of Birth along with a picture of the front and back of YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE/ID AND A COPY OF YOUR INSURANCE CARD, if insured. If no insurance we need a Social Sercurity number. WE CAN NOT PROCESS YOUR COVID-19 TEST WITHOUT AN ID AND Social Security number and/or Insurance.

Follows the Instructions on how to do the self collection swab that were included with the intake forms. Place the Q-tip inside the specimen tube and tighten the tube. The tube is placed INTO the Plastic Interpath Frozen Specimen Bag and dropped into the "Freezer" cooler which is next to the Drop Box.

Once you have completed the process text